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A young coder seeking his dream in the tech world!

I'm Kiet Dinh, a Web Developer looping in Texas, US. I start developing a passion for tech at a very young age, and pursuing Computer Science at University of Houston was a no-brainer decision.

I first stepped in Web Development and Design at Nan Properties - a great Real Estate company where I learned a ton about front-end web. During school time, besides being a Teaching Assistant in both Data Structures and Data Science, I spent most of time in building full-stack web applications with my teams. I love working on full-stack projects with teams and back-end is always my go-to choice.

To me, being a coder grants me the serenity to connect to the on-going development of the world in a very unique way, discreetly and powerfully.

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Express JS


Node JS






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Mongo DB


My works

Besides Web Develoment, I'm also interested in Mobile Dev and Deep Learning .

medical clinic

Medical Clinic System
Vue JS, Python Flask, MySQL

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 5 developers
  • Goal: Develop a booking/scheduling/appoinment system within 4-month period
  • My Role: created back-end API routes and design front-end dashboard for admin roles
Company Employee App

Company Employee Management
Bootstrap 4, PHP, MySQL

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 3 developers
  • Goal: Develop a system to manage employee's tasks within 4-month period
  • My Role: Design the entire front-end and fetch data from back-end
Education Site

Education Site

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 4 developers
  • Goal: Develop the front-end site for an educational center
  • My Role: Designed the About page, Random Number Generator page, and animation effects for the site
Crypto News Network

Crypto Currency Network
Bootstrap 4, Python Django

github repo

  • Side Project
  • Goal: Develop a site to display cryptocurrency exchanges and latest news
  • Using MVC model, fetch data from an open API, process, and send HTML to client
Amazon Clone

Amazon Clone Challenge
React JS, Express JS, Firebase

github repo

  • Side Project
  • Goal: Develop a basic version of Amazon site
  • Cloned the front-end with React, implemented Firebase Authentication, Express server with Firebase Functions, and Firestone real-time database
Resort Booking

Resort Booking
React JS

github repo

  • Side Project
  • Goal: Develop a resort front-end to practice React JS
  • Implemented React Context API and Router Dom
Dnd ios App

Dungeons and Dragons Spellbook
ios App, Swift Storyboard

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 2 developers
  • Goal: Develop a professional spellbook app for the famous game - Dungeons and Dragons
  • Designed a friendly UI/UX front-end, implemented "Save to favorite" features, autocomplete filter, and apply Natural Language Processing for the search function
Education Site

Magna Game
C#, Unity

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 4 Developers, 3 Designers, and a Sound Artist
  • Goal: Create a 2D platformer game
  • My Role: Designed and coded boss AI system with State Machine Behavior, Game Interface, and Game Events

Stanford Natural Language Inference
Tensorflow, Keras

github repo

  • Worked in a team of 3 Data Scientists
  • Goal: Design a high accuracy NLP Neural Network model to classify hypothesis and premises from the Standford Natural Language Inference
  • My Role: Created the second model with Keras Functional API to approach the dataset

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